Dr. Hamdan Al-Shehri

Dr. Hamdan Al-Shehri is a political analyst and international relations scholar.

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The Riyadh Agreement or more chaos

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has always stood by the Yemeni people and has had close ties to the country since the 1960s. After the Iran-backed Houthi coup, the Kingdom remained on the side of Yemeni legitimacy to free the country from the rebels. When things became more complex, the Kingdom was present with another solution: The Riyadh Agreement.

Realizing the sensitivity of the situation, Saudi Arabia played a constructive role in defusing the dangerous violence that threatened Yemen. The Riyadh Agreement was set as a key to achieving this goal, and it must be adhered to in order to save Yemen.

We all know that the political, military and humanitarian situation in Yemen cannot tolerate more gambling at the expense of its people and their right to a safe and dignified life. The cycle of violence must be stopped.

While the Riyadh Agreement represents a safe way out of a series of conflicts that would further complicate the situation in Yemen, there are some who, in the service of hostile agendas, insist on disrupting its implementation and are obstructing efforts to achieve a solution and improve the lives of the Yemeni people.

The question remains: What do they hope to achieve? The answer is an aggravation of the living situation in liberated areas, which clearly serves only the Houthis and the mullahs’ regime behind them. Therefore, the return of the government to Aden and the improvement of services are important priorities in the confrontation with the Iranian project, the danger of which everyone agrees upon.

While it is evident that the Kingdom is keen on stabilizing Yemen and alleviating the suffering of its people, the determination of certain Yemeni parties to further complicate the country’s politics and security, as well as aggravate living conditions, is equally evident.

Each party must put the country’s interests above its own. The veil must be lifted on the conspirators disrupting the Riyadh Agreement, whether those who engage in incitement or those who carry out acts that disrupt implementation to achieve anti-coalition agendas.

The enemy knows that the Kingdom has provided and continues to provide unlimited support for peace and stability in Yemen. Saudi Arabia has spared no effort in helping to alleviate the suffering of Yemenis.

Those riling against the Arab coalition and showing outright hostility to the Kingdom are nothing but tools driven by parties whose interests intersect with agendas hostile to the coalition, and their economic ties with networks linked to the Houthis have been exposed.

Yemenis appreciate the great efforts made by the Kingdom to resolve the dire situation and therefore have the right to reveal the identity of those who are working in secret to disrupt the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement — and the time has come for that.

It is necessary to work together to relieve Yemen, and the interests of the nation must be given priority over any other interests.

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