Dr Abdulqader Alkharraz

Dr Abdulqader Alkharraz: A Yemeni A ctivist

The corrupt rule will fall soon

By/ Dr Abdulqader Alkharraz

Today, from Marib, the city of history, present, and future, We did not find the so-called Raafat Al-Akhali while inside Marib court, accompanied by lawyers. So who is the fugitive from justice?

Thank God! We are the ones fighting for justice for ourselves, for Yemeni people, and for this country. We do not change our nationalities, nor do we stop revealing the facts. We are seeking justice. We are lovers of Yemen.

God willing, the corrupt rule will fall soon.

Cases of NGO corruption and those associated with them will be investigated and held accountable.

We asked the court for permission to cover the sessions in the media, and the court agreed. As a result, we urge all media outlets to take part and report the facts.

The Safer Company's pollution file will also be reopened, and Marib will write history.

I thank the lawyers who expressed an interest in joining my legal team during the session. This was the triumph of the Yemeni people, who had been duped by corrupt organisations and individuals.

God willing, what comes after this day will not be the same as what came before it.