on Thursday 4 August, 2022

A package of upcoming decisions for the Yemen's presidential council

by : Yemen Details

Well-informed Yemeni sources revealed a package of upcoming decisions for the Yemen's presidential council, including appointments to security and intelligence positions during the next two days, according to the "Arab Corners" website.

The website reported that Brigadier General Ammar Mohammed Abdullah Saleh, refused to take any security or military position within the new appointments.

The website, quoting sources, stated that Brigadier General Ammar Saleh assured the political leadership that he is a soldier in the field and a soldier loyal to God, the homeland and the Republic under the leadership of the National Resistance Forces and the Giants Forces and is not looking for any positions.

Several Yemeni media had published reports about the appointment of Brigadier General Ammar Saleh as head of an important security apparatus; However, the sources confirmed his refusal to any position.