on Tuesday 27 September, 2022

What the Houthi military parades have to do with the horrific human situation in Yemen

From the Houthi military parades
by : Yemen Details

The Houthi monopolize Iranian interests, and the wealth of their leadership, at the expense of the Yemeni people, through looting the taxes, customs, oil derivatives, and port revenues, which the militias are supposed to allocate, or at least part of them, to the salaries of employees, but they allocate all this to finance their war on the Yemeni people.

Despite the huge sums that the Iran-backed Houthis get from tax and customs, oil derivatives, domestic gas and port revenues, which they are supposed to allocate, or at least part of them, to pay the salaries of employees cut off since 2016, the militias account for all these revenues to fund their war on the Yemeni people, and looted by their influential leaders in favor of their personal projects.

Investigative reports confirm that the Yemeni citizens, in the Houthi-controlled areas, suffer from extreme poverty amounts to a complete lack of livelihood and the lack of the most basic needs of life.

The food aid provided by the various organizations represented one of the aspects of alleviating the suffering of the citizens in the Houthi areas, but the militias did not allow it to be distributed to the citizens except according to their policies and to their loyalists in exchange for mobilizing fighters to the fronts. Moreover, they looted by force this aid and imposed on the organizations to hand over a large proportion including cash in exchange for allowing these organizations to operate and be present in their areas of control.

At a time when employees in their areas suffer from interruptions in salaries, and families suffer from a lack of basic necessities of life, and instead paying salaries, the Houthis allocate huge sums of money looted from the revenues of various institutions in favor of financing the military parades.

The entry into force and renewal of the truce brokered by the United Nations since last April 2 depends on the implementation of conditions, the most important of which is the allocation of port revenues and oil derivatives in favor of employee salaries. However, the militias took advantage of the flow of oil derivatives and their control over the black market in order to finance their military parades.

The military parades reflect a state of fear of any popular movement against the Houthis as a result of the tragic humanitarian situation, compared to the Iranian uprising against the Iranian regime. However, they work with all possible means to intimidate and terrorize everyone who calls and speaks about the salaries.

The military parades held in various cities, have strengthened the conviction of the citizens in the areas under their control of the militias' corruption and that the situation is preparing for a popular revolution against them in the next stage.