on Wednesday 23 November, 2022

Iran-backed Houthis assassinate a senior Sheik in Yemen's Sanaa

by : Yemen Details

The Iran-backed Houthis have escalated the assassinations against tribesmen in the Yemen's Sanaa.

Local sources reported that the Houthis assassinated and detained a number of Bani al-Harith sheikhs, after they demanded the imprisonment of the Houthi leader Mohammed Ali Al-Houthi, just like its sheikhs, who were placed in the central prison on September 22.

The sources said that militias affiliated with the Houthi leader, Abu Nashtan, had recently assassinated Sheikh Khaled Hussein Al-Ra'i, following disputes between the two families.

Eyewitnesses said that Abu-Nashtan's militia fired a barrage of bullets at Al-Ra'i while he was driving his car, after which Abu-Nashtan's militiamen pulled him down from his car while he was injured and executed him directly, then they abused his body and ran over it with their cars.

Tribal sources were surprised by what the Houthi militia are doing in terms of their bias in dealing with issues with different measures. Noting that act is a black shame and practices that reflect the Houthi culture of revenge and terrorism.

Houthis had previously arrested a number of Bani Al-Harith sheikhs without reasons, and confiscated the property of many of the people of Bani Al-Harith and placed them in prisons.