on Tuesday 26 September, 2023

Iran-backed Houthis kidnap the son of one of the Yemeni revolutionaries

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by : Yemen Details

Iran-backed Houthis have kidnapped, the son of the martyr Abdullah Al-Luqiah, on Monday evening in Sanaa.

Sources close to the Al-Luqiah family told Yemen Details that Houthi gunmen kidnapped Fawaz, the son of the martyr Abdullah Al-Luqiah, from in front of his house in Sanaa and took him to an unknown location.

The Al-Luqiah family holds the Houthi militia fully responsible for the life of their son.

Fawaz Al-Luqiah is the son of the martyr Abdullah Al-Luqiah, one of the heroes of the glorious 26 September 1962 revolution.

Meanwhile, local sources said the Houthis are looking for The Republican poet Muneer Al-Omari to arrest him.

On Monday evening, Iran-backed Houthi elements attacked the celebrants of the 61st anniversary of the glorious September 26 revolution in one of the streets of Sanaa, which is under their control.

Eyewitnesses said that Houthi elements attacked citizens who were celebrating the September Revolution, which overthrew the outdated Imamate regime, in Hadda Street.

Meanwhile, Houthi elements prevented the lighting of the torch for the 61st anniversary of the immortal September 26 revolution or celebrating it in the city of Dhamar.