on Tuesday 5 December, 2023

Yemeni Security forces foil an attempt to smuggle UAVs and spying devices that were en route to the Houthis

by : Yemen Details

Yemeni Security forces foiled the smuggling of a shipment containing UAVs parts and spying devices in southeastern Yemen. A smuggling cell intended to transport the shipment from liberated areas to the Iranian-backed Houthi terrorist militia.

Yemeni security forces in a checkpoint in Dufaqa area, in the coastal Hadramout province, were able to arrest several individuals in possession of a large quantity of UAVs parts and military devices while attempting to smuggle them to the Houthi militia-controlled areas.

It was reported that 45 cartons were seized, containing UAVs parts, triangular panels, control screens, cables, and surveillance devices.

The security forces suspected the car, and upon a thorough search, they found the UAVs parts used by the Houthi militia in carrying out terrorist operations.

The arrested individuals have been referred for investigation to uncover the parties involved in the smuggling operations.

In early November, security checkpoints in Taiz province were able to thwart the smuggling of a number of weapons and various ammunition that were en route to Houthi-controlled areas.

Many attempts to smuggle weapons, military equipment, and drone parts were occasionally foiled in various liberated areas, while attempting to smuggle them to the Houthis.