on Friday 30 October, 2020

Omani intelligence involved in smuggling Iranian ambassador into Yemen: US official

Hassan Erloo in Sanaa
by : Yemen Details
A US official told Yemen Details, who declined to be identified, that the new Iranian ambassador to Yemen, Hassan Erloo, arrived from Iran to the capital, Muscat, weeks ago, and was then smuggled into Yemen with the help of Omani intelligence.
For her part, the American expert in national security affairs, Irina Tsukerman, told Yemen Details that Erloo entered Yemen through Oman, confirming the involvement of Omani intelligenceg.
Tsukerman added, "Without its direct involvement (Omani intelligence) it wouldn't be possible."
The US State Department refused to comment on Yemen Details’s question about the Omani intelligence’s involvement in smuggling the Iranian ambassador, saying only that “the Houthi rebel group carries out sabotage acts on the direct orders of the Iranian regime.”