on Monday 7 June, 2021

Yemeni government signs the first draft of the joint declaration for a comprehensive ceasefire: Sources

by : Yemen Details
Well-informed diplomatic sources said that the Yemeni government has signed the first draft of the joint declaration for a comprehensive ceasefire in Yemen, and handed it over to the UN and US envoys to Yemen.
The sources, who preferred not to disclose themselves, explained that the American pressure on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Yemeni government reached the acceptance of the ceasefire by the coalition and Yemen, which is expected to coincide with Washington reaching an agreement with Tehran on the nuclear file.
The sources confirmed that the visit of the Omani's delegation to Sanaa, which is controlled by the Houthi militia, carried a copy of the draft signed by the Yemeni government, and presented a description to the Houthi leaders.
The source indicated that the Sultanate of Oman's move came as a result of the serious offers made by the international community to the Houthis, accompanied by threats to them to impose international isolation, in addition to the American pressure that the Sultanate was subjected to, to interfere in persuading the Houthis to accept the "last" offer.
The sources said that the Sultanate of Oman has informed the international community that its attempt with the Houthis will be the last to persuade the Houthis to peace, noting that it may apologize for continuing its mediation role, if the Houthis refuse to do so.
In the same context, sources in the capital, Sanaa, close to the circle of talks that the Sultanate is conducting with the militia, revealed that the pro-Iranian group considered that the offers made by the international community were insufficient, and would only accept the full implementation of their conditions.
The militia told the Omani delegation that they are ready for the US sanctions scenario, and will continue the war until the group is able to control Yemen completely.