on Sunday 18 July, 2021

A mother demands the release of her son imprisoned by Al Kawkabani on the West Coast of Yemen

by : Yemen Details

In a sad scene, the mother of the detainee, Mohammed AL Baadani, appealed to the responsible and competent authorities to release her son, who has been detained by Brigadier General Ahmed Al Kawkabani, for more than 83 days, in secret prisons belonging to the commander of the First Brigade, Tihama, in Hodeidah governorate.

In a video clip of her, published on Sunday, the mother of the prisoner, Fouad Al-Baadani, appealed to pressure Ahmed Al Kawkabani to release her son.

She explained that what Al Kawkabani is doing against her son is not much different from what the Houthis are doing, and there is a similarity in the crime and fabrication of charges between the Houthi militia and Ahmed Al Kawkabaniagainst everyone they want to blackmail.

A video clip circulating on social media revealed that there are civilian detainees in one of the secret prisons belonging to the commander of the First Brigade Tihama in Hodeidah Governorate, Brigadier General Ahmed Al Kawkabani, who is affiliated with the Yemeni government.

The circulated video showed the young man, Mohammed Ali Al Ba'adani, announcing his entry into a hunger strike, as a result of the injustice he suffers, and the fabrication of malicious charges against him. According to what he said from inside Al Kawkabani prison.

Al Ba'adani called for jurists and journalists to stand by him, and he demanded be referred to the judiciary if what Al Kawkabani claims are proven against him.

Human rights sources said that the charges that Al Kawkabani fabricated against the prisoner in one of his secret prisons are malicious, and they are organized against fugitives from the Houthis area or working in different sectors in Hodeidahi.

The sources confirmed that Al Kawkabani leads an organized corruption operation in the areas of the western coast of Yemen. He owns many gas and diesel stations and supervises organized smuggling of weapons and various smuggling in areas under his control to the Houthis.