on Wednesday 13 October, 2021

A hard-line Iranian wing controls the Houthi decisions

by : The Houthi leader, Ahmed Hamid seen in the middle

Informed sources in the Yemeni capital, revealed that the Houthi leader, Ahmed Hamid, director of the Houthi presidential office, is the one who controls the presidential decisions and enjoys great influence within the Houthi movement and government institutions.

The sources explained that whoever controls the issuance of presidential appointment decisions issued and uses his influence in the media to publish them without returning to the Houthi's Political Council.

What Ahmed Hamed is doing is not due to the Political Council, because he has the green light to take what he deems appropriate and in agreement with Al-Mashat. The sources said.

Observers confirmed that the success of the Shiite wing, to which he belongs, (to Iran) in controlling the rest of the other wings, despite the continuation of the internal conflict inside the group.

The Houthi leader, Zain al-Abieen al-Mo'ayad, said, in his own Twitter, that Ahmed Hamed had taken control of state institutions, looted their assets, and imposed a lobby from his gang on all sides.

The authority has great powers to supervise all leaders, followers and loyalists of state employees. He said.

"Hamid considers himself the actual ruler, and suspended the Shura Council to impose whoever he wants in it, as well as the Anti-Corruption Commission, as if the state was his own property". He added.

The report of the 2021 Security Council Sanctions Committee of Experts indicated that Ahmed Hamed "is one of the three most powerful in the militia, along with Mohammed Ali Al-Houthi and Abdul Karim Al-Houthi, and that the three compete strongly to control the militia, and pose the greatest danger to Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi."