on Thursday 21 October, 2021

Yemen's Mayoun praises the UNSC's condemnation of Houthi recruitment of children

File photo. (Supplied)
by : Yemen Details

Yemen's Mayoun Human Rights Organization (MHRD) praised the statement of the UN Security Council issued Wednesday, in which it condemned the recruitment of children by the Houthi militia, their exploitation in the conflict, and their exposure to sexual abuse.

The UN Security Council called Wednesday for "de-escalation" in Yemen in a unanimously adopted statement to counter "the growing risk of large-scale famine" in the country.

The 15 council members "stressed the need for de-escalation by all," demanded an immediate nationwide ceasefire and called for an end to the escalation by Houthis in the strategic city of Marib.

They also "condemned the recruitment and use of children, and sexual violence, in conflict," according to a statement.

In this regard, MHRD urged the member of the UNSC to follow this important step by imposing sanctions on the group's officials involved in these shameful violations against childhood in Yemen.

"Throughout the war, the Iran-backed Houthis have not responded to or dealt with any international or regional condemnations unless they were accompanied by sanctions". MHRD said in a statement.

"The members of the Security Council expressed grave concern for the dire humanitarian situation, including prolonged starvation and the growing risk of large-scale famine," the text said.