on Wednesday 24 November, 2021

Secret committees monitor Houthi movements in their areas of controll: Sources

by : Yemen Details

Private sources confirmed that important intelligence breaches have occurred recently targeting the Houthi militia, which included the formation of secret committees covering most of the areas under the militia's control.

The sources said that the efforts of politicians, military personnel and social figures succeeded in attracting large groups of individuals and organizing committees to monitor and document the movements of the Iran-backed Houthis, and their supporters at the level of neighborhoods and villages, especially in important areas close to the lines of contact.

Monitoring operations include preparing blacklists of leaders working in the field, whether Houthis or cooperating with them, from sheikhs, social figures, and educational leaders, containing the names and tasks assigned and implemented, including mobilization operations.

The secret committees began carrying out their national duties in a number of areas under the control of the Houthi militia, with a focus on the western and southern districts, whose borders are witnessing military operations. The sources said.

The committees aim to give an accurate picture of the weights of the leaders and destinations supporting the militia, in preparation for taking punitive measures against them, including security and financial prosecution, reducing their political and social influence in the future.