on Thursday 13 January, 2022

Houthi leaders trained in Iran killed in Yemen: Iranian newspaper

Pro-government tribal fighters take position in a desert area southeast of Marib, Yemen December 6, 2021. (Reuters)
by : Yemen Details

An Iranian newspaper close to the regime revealed the killing of eight Houthi leaders, who are among the most important figures who were trained in Iran by the Revolutionary Guards and Hezbollah in Lebanon during the recent battles in the Yemeni province of Shabwa.

"Iran Emrooz Net" website, which is close to the Iranian regime, reported that the Houthi leaders (Faisal Arkad, Naseem Ghaithan, Ayoub Al-Arbad, Ahmed Ghoer, Hamid Mahdi Al-Aweiri, Abu Haider Yasser Qasila, Abu Murtadha Ahmed Murra, Dhiab Murra), were killed in Shabwa.

The Houthis had sent them to Baihan, with the aim of transferring the military expertise they had trained in Iran and southern Lebanon, to try to stop the advance of the Giants Brigades that liberated Baihan.

The newspaper described the month of January 2022 as a black month full of sadness, as a result of the killing of many Houthi leaders, which it said "are facing the Zionist and American project, which had a major supportive role for the resistance axis in Yemen".

The website revealed that these leaders had trained in the lands of the "resistance", whether with Hezbollah in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran, noting that they had been betrayed, but it did not reveal more details or how they were killed.