on Monday 28 November, 2022

Iran-backed Houthis seize citizens' lands properties

by : Yemen Details

The Iran-backed Houthis stormed on Monday the city of Al-Sharq in Dhamar Governorate, with dozens of heavily armed vehicles, as part of the escalation of their violations against citizens in the areas under their control.

Local sources said that the Houthi leader, known as Abu Ahmed, stormed the city, accompanied by dozens of Houthi militia on board dozens of vehicles, with the aim of looting the citizens' property and lands in the city.

The sources pointed out that the Houthis coming from Saada claim that the lands of the citizens belong to one of the Hashemite families, and this is a method used by the Houthis as an excuse to seize the property and lands of citizens in the areas under their control.

According to the sources, the Houthis organized looting of citizens' property and lands has been going on since the militia took control of the governorate, noting that this has recently escalated significantly.

The sources said that the citizens are no longer able to even resort to the judiciary for justice, because the judiciary is the one that facilitates the Houthi's organized looting of land and property.