on Tuesday 24 January, 2023

Houthi journalist: No rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and the Houthis

by : Yemen Details

Journalist Jamal Amer, editor-in-chief of Al-Wasat Weekly, who is close to the Houthi supreme leaders, denied that there is any rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and the Houthi militia, considering that this news is an illusion that will turn into a shock.

Amer said that the position of the Houthis has not changed, pointing to a number of Houthi escalatory conditions, including the delivery of Yemeni oil revenues to Houthi banks, the opening of Sana'a airports to all countries, and the lack of control over Hodeidah ports.

Amer is considered one of the journalists very close to the Houthi militia.

Amer's statement indicates that there is a disagreement within the Houthi wings, which began employing media personalities and social media activists to reject any peace process with Saudi Arabia.