on Saturday 17 October, 2020

Yemen: An initiative to recover money, properties seized by Iran-backed Houthis

by : Yemen Details
The "Regain Initiative of Abducted Properties and Rights" has presented a voluntary initiative, in which experts, academics and jurists participate in order to support and assist those affected by the Houthi crimes to regain their rights and properties.
The Regain Initiative said in a statement that this initiative was established due to the injustice and brutality committed by the Iran-backed Houthis in confiscating private properties, rights and bombing homes, without being questioned or held accountable for their actions .
"This initiative is a pillar for all the free and oppressed Yemeni citizens, who have been affected by Houthi militia, and for everyone who's money and private properties were abducted". the statement said.
The statement stressed that the initiative aims to
- Restoring the rights and private funds stolen from the Yemeni people by the Houthi group by all possible means.
- To stop the Houthi plundering and corruption against the Yemenis.
-Monitoring and documenting the Houthi corruption crimes, tracking them, providing the Yemeni and international community with periodic reports.
-Educating the Yemeni community to confront corruption, looting and plundering by the Houthi group of rights, freedoms and properties in various ways.
- To prosecute the Houthis in international courts.
"Accordingly, the initiative calls on all the Yemeni people, especially those affected, whose properties or rights have been stolen and plundered by the Houthis, to send their files, topics, and all their complaints to "The Regain Initiative" through the means of communication on our website". the statement said.