on Saturday 24 February, 2024

Houthis recruited tens of thousands of Yemeni children since last October: Organization

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by : Yemen Details
The Yemen's Mayun Human Rights Organization said on Friday that the Iran-backed Houthis have been recruiting tens of thousands of children since last October.
"Dozens of recruited children performed a military parade in front of the Houthi leader, Mohammed Al-Houthi, at the end of military training courses organized by the Iran-backed militias in training camps in Sahar area of Saada province". The organization said in a statement.
The Houthis have called up thousands of children who participated in the summer camps in 2023 in areas under their control since the beginning of 2024, considering them as reserve forces to be retrained militarily to ensure their readiness for combat. Mayun added.
"The Houthi have been recruiting tens of thousands of children as soldiers since last October, after they have been trained in what they call "open courses" within military training camps located in their controlled areas. They have also established military training centers for school children in all directorates in the provinces under their control".
"This blatant violation of children's rights in Yemen represents a new and dangerous phase of violations that undermines all international efforts over the past years aimed at stopping the recruitment of children in Yemen". Mayun further said.