on Tuesday 24 November, 2020

Iran supports Houthis to destabilize the region, Muslim Brotherhood support their terrorist agenda and Yemen deserves peace: Israeli Foreign Ministry

The Deputy Israeli Foreign Ministry Spokesman for Arab Media, Hassan Kaabia
by : Yemen Details
"Iran supports terrorist groups in Yemen and other regions in the Middle East, such as Hezbollah, to sow terrorism and its hegemony in destabilizing the region". The Deputy Israeli Foreign Ministry Spokesman for Arab Media, Hassan Kaabia, told Yemen Details.
Kaabia said what is happening in Yemen is more Iranian efforts to destabilize the region for its interference in the battlefield and providing the Houthis with destructive weapons.
Kaabia asserted that Israel is seeking to achieve real peace with its neighbors, as it achieves peace with Jordan and Egypt, it is also making peace with UAE, Bahrain and Sudan.
He added: "I believe that other countries are intensifying the understanding that the time has come to move forward, and that we must not remain permanently stuck in the past" in a reference to Yemen.
With regard to the Yemeni Jews, the Israeli official, Kaabia, said that all Jews who wanted to leave Arab countries, are welcome to return to their homes, Israel.
With regard to the coordination between Israel, America, the Arab Coalition countries and the region regarding the events in Yemen, Kaabia asserted that Israel is an integral part of the countries of the Middle East, especially the Iran-backed Houthis war in Yemen.
"On the ground, the Houthis first should call for the support of the Yemeni people, instead of Palestinians". he said.
"The Muslim Brotherhood support their terrorist agenda everywhere, and they have no agenda to live with dignity and without terrorism," Kaabia told Yemen Details.
"The Yemeni people deserve to live in peace and dignity, without wars and meaningless fighting inside their country for the sake of the interests of other countries". he added.
The Israeli people wish peace for the Yemeni people and an end to bloodshed. he concluded.