on Thursday 25 March, 2021

The Leader of the National Resistance's Speech at the publicity ceremony of the Political Bureau of the Yemeni National Resistance

Brigadier General Tariq Mohammed Abdullah Saleh
by : Yemen Details
Brigadier General Tariq Mohammed Abdullah Saleh, Commander of the National Resistance and a member of the Joint Command of the Joint Forces, delivered an important speech at the publicity ceremony for the Political Bureau of the National Resistance, which was held Thursday morning:
"First let me welcome everyone here and out.
Our coming here today is an extension of the sacrifices w've made along with all the members of the Joint Forces and the National Army on the various fronts defending the Republic of Yemen against Iran's agents, who want to turn back the clock and bring us, backward to the rule of the Imamate.
We are here today, thanks to the pure blood that is paid daily on various battles, defending, our freedom, our Yemeni identity that is being swept by the Iranian agents.
The persecution, arrests, torture and looting of property suffered by our brothers in Sana'a or areas under Houthi controll, all of this requires us to take a serious stand as soldiers and politicians.
The battle is not only a military, however, we need the political, economic, social, tribal, awareness, and religious side to preserve our Yemeni identity and our true faith, to defend the gains of the September 26, October 14, and May 22 revolutions.
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, represented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, proposed last Monday a Peace Initiative.. We are with any just and comprehensive peace that achieves security and stability that preserves the blood of Yemenis and restores their dignity. And also guarantees the return of the Yemeni displaced to their homes, and gives every Yemeni peace in his homeland and the right to choose who rules through the ballot box not through the Houthis' state myth.
When the Houthi militia stormed the capital Sanaa, they swept the most important gains of the Yemeni Revolution and Unity, shot down, to become the only governance. Today, we launch our political project, believing in the constitutional legitimacy and the Yemeni constitution, and it is our right to be a political part in this country within the legitimacy.
We are not a substitute for anyone, we are not against the legitimacy, but we want to be part of the legitimacy and be an active part in confronting the Houthi aggression in our big battle to restore our Republic and our institutions.
I repeat that we are not a substitute for anyone, but we are an extension, especially in the National Resistance to the Revolution of December 2, which was led by the late leader and his faithful companion who sacrificed their blood for the sake of dignity and freedom.
We are an extension of this approach and are committed to all the late leader's commandments, the most important of which is "National Reconciliation". Therefore, we extend our hands to the various political forces and legitimacy, we call on everyone for national reconciliation and a real national alignment to confront the priestly project supported by Iran.
We confirm that the struggle continues and that politics is on one side and the gun is on the other, until victory, comprehensive and just peace are achieved for all Yemenis.
We thank all the fighters on the fronts, the Joint Forces, Brigade of Giants, Tihama Forces, and we thank all the sons of Tihama who have been the incubator and sponsor for us since our arrival and for all the joint forces.
One of the most important reasons that called us to adopt political work and the political office with our brothers, leaders in the Joint Forces and existing social and political personalities, are the previous experiences, including what happened in the Stockholm Agreement, we were at the gates of Hodeidah as you know and had it not been for the Stockholm Agreement, the entire soil of Tihama would have been liberated today, people would have enjoyed it.
Unfortunately, we did not find anyone to represent us at the time in the dialogue while sitting in Sweden, the issue of Hodeidah was not among the items presented, the topic was the economic side, the central bank, the siege of Taiz, the opening of the airport, the ports, and the prisoners, but the issue of Hodeidah was not. They left everything and signed an agreement that the forces would not liberate Hodeidah. But we are watching what the Houthis are doing everyday in terms of violations and strikes against residentials areas and safe cities.
I reiterate my thanks to all of you without exception, and we hope that this Political Bureau represents us, and the door is open to everyone, and our hands are open to those who agree with us in our goals in the National Resistance and the Joint Forces or to be within this Bureau".