on Saturday 17 July, 2021

Clashes among Houthis in their stronghold Sa'ada, casualties reported

by : Yemen Details

Local sources said that violent clashes erupted during the past hours between leaders and elements of the Houthis, in Al Salem area of Kitaf district, in their stronghold Saada Governorate (northern Yemen), casualties reported.

The clashes resulted in the death of one person and a number of wounded as a result of disputes between the Houthi leaders, as groups belonging to the supervisors of the region stormed the house of the Houthi leader, Da'akum Al-Salmi, who resisted the attack with members of his family, but they managed to injure him, kill one of his relatives. Sources said.

The sources expected that the disputes were over the sharing of funds and loot that the Houthi leaders have been doing since their control of the state.

The Iran-backed Houthis continue to get rid of the social and military figures, who helped them in their wars since 2004.

Observers say that what the Houthi militia are doing is an expected behavior, through which they aim to humiliate all those who cooperate with them, in addition to the deep-rooted conflict between the Hashemite clangs that the group classify to varying degrees.