on Tuesday 14 September, 2021

Yemen's Mayoun calls for clearing Houthi mines in the West Coast

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by : Yemen Details

Yemen's Mayoun Organization for Human Rights and Development (MHRD) expressed its solidarity with the families of the wounded of the Houthi landmine that exploded in them while they were returning to their homes in Tuhayta District of Yemen's Hodeidah.

MHRD said in a statement on Tuesday, that it had documented the injury of 10 children and 5 women yesterday, as a result of a Houthi landmine explosion in the north of Al Khokha district, south of Hodeidah, while their car was passing on their way back to their homes in Tuhayta district.

It explained that the suffering of the local community in Yemen suffers from mines and remnants of war that explode from time to time, killing and wounding innocent civilians, without making effective and radical contributions to prevent the recurrence of this tragic incident.

In this regard, MHRD called for more effective international efforts to clear the minefields and the rest of the affected areas on the Yemen's West Coast, and to compel the Houthi group to reveal their cultivation maps to avoid other civilian casualties.