on Thursday 16 September, 2021

How the Houthis blackmail their allies

by : Yemen Details
The Iran-backed Houthis imposed intensive educational courses on a number of political leaders from the parties loyal to them.
A defected officer from the Houthi security and intelligence service, who asked not to be named, revealed that the Houthis are blackmailing political, partisan and military leaders, especially the southern ones, with the offensive films (prono) they owns against them.
He stressed that among the most important of those figures are party leaders and high-caliber military personnel from the north and south. We reserve their identities.
The officer explained that the Houthis have employed many women to lure political leaders from the Yemeni parties that still reside in areas under the control of the Houthis, and documented films while they were in a sexually promiscuous situation with girls hired by the Houthi to trap many characters.
He pointed out that these actions are not limited to party leaders, but that the same is happening between the Houthi leaders themselves, especially the Twelver wing that works to lure the Houthi leaders, to blackmail them and subject them to extremist Shiite courses.