on Tuesday 12 October, 2021

Fresh rift within Houthis provoked by the file of contacts with Saudi Arabia

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by : Yemen Details

Confirmed information regarding Houthi contacts with officials in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia sparked a new Houthi rift around the Houthi militia spokesman, Muhammad Abdul Salam, and Hussein al-Ezzi, who was appointed by the group as deputy foreign minister in the unrecognized Sanaa government.

A well-informed source revealed that a rift recently emerged between leaders in the militia less connected to Iran that worked to hand over the file of contact with Saudi Arabia to Al-Ezzi, and other leaders with a direct relationship with Iran outside the Houthi official circles, supporting Abdul Salam in his quest to acquire the file.

The source confirmed that Tehran, through its communication channels and men in the Revolutionary Guards in Sana'a, exerts great pressure in support of Abd al-Salam, who, during his stay abroad for years, was able to establish direct links with officials in the Iranian capital.

The source pointed out that the current supporters of Al-Ezzi believed in the latter’s ability to achieve positive results in communicating with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, given his relationship and his relatives, including his father, with the House of Hamid Al-Din, which ruled Yemen in the name of the Imamate for more than half a century, as well as his university studies in the Kingdom of Jordan for years.