on Sunday 22 May, 2022

Iran-backed Houthis fuel conflicts among Yemeni tribes

by : Yemen Details

The Iran-backed Houthis are fueling tribal conflicts in the context of plans that are employed in the interest of growing their influence in the tribal areas, particularly the rural ones.

Houthi gunmen launched on Friday a military campaign to attack the people of Salafiyah Directorate of Raymah Governorate.

According to local tribal sources, the Houthi militia recruited a number of loyal tribesmen for this campaign and directed them to commit violations against their fellow tribesmen who reject the Houthis.

The sources said that the tribes had spotted these tribesmen, amid civil warnings to them against their involvement in hostile acts that would create more revenge among the people of the Governorate.

The sources called on the sheikhs and the deceived individuals to retreat before being punished by the people.

It is worth noting that what is happening in Raymah by the Houthis nothing but a model reproduced in all areas under their control, as many governorates witnessed the growth of tribal conflicts due to the recruitment of deceived tribesmen against other tribes.