on Wednesday 3 March, 2021

Houthi councilman calls for donations on Twitter to fund ballistic missiles, drones

Mohammed al-Bukaiti and other Houthi militiamen . (Twitter)
by : Yemen Details

Iran-backed Houthi militia Supreme Political Council member Mohammed al-Bukhaiti has called for donations on Twitter through phone calls to fund the manufacturing of ballistic missiles and drones.

“Call 180 on Yemen Mobile to donate a hundred riyals per call to support ballistic missile industry and the air force,” al-Bukhaiti said on Twitter.

The Iran-backed militia has been targeting Saudi Arabia from Yemen with ballistic missile attacks targeting its capital Riyadh. Explosive-laden drones have continuously targeted the southern cities of Saudi Arabia.

Earlier this week, Arab Coalition spokesperson Turki al-Maliki said that the Kingdom has intercepted more than 526 drones and 346 ballistic missiles.

“No country other than Saudi Arabia has intercepted this many ballistic missiles and drones,” al-Maliki added.

Al-Maliki added that the Arab Coalition has the capabilities to deal with threats targeting civilians, adding that the Houthis targeting innocent people continues to be “a red line in the event of any harm to them.”