on Tuesday 18 May, 2021

Yemen: Houthi Zainabiyat attack women in coffees

by : Yemen Details
Informed sources in the Yemeni capital, which is controlled by the pro-Iranian Houthi militia, said that the group had instructed Zainabiyat (Houthi females) to chase women in the capital's streets and kidnap and imprison them during the days of Eid.
Local residents told Khabar Agency that the so-called Zainabiyat of Houthis chased women and girls in the capital's parks and coffees, under the pretext of promoting virtue and forbidding evil.
Sources said that the Zainabiyat attacked women in those areas under various pretexts, including clothes and the absence of their husbands and families, in a process similar to the terrorist organization ISIS against the sons of the Syrian and Iraqi provinces they occupied.
Yemeni women represent the biggest target for the group, especially with the series of recent practices and crimes they have committed against women's gatherings and activities in Sanaa and several Yemeni cities.
Over the past years, the Houthi militia, , has armed and trained the "Zainabiyat" faction in combat and intelligence, and then was entrusted with several duties and tasks; include raiding homes, arresting and abducting women and girls, and carrying out espionage operations and repressing activists.
Since its establishment, the Zainabiyat faction has pursued “terrorist methods through which the most heinous violations of children and women are practiced in the militia’s control areas, bypassing all values, moral principles, international and humanitarian norms and local laws.”